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About Us


Liburt Equine Nutritional Consulting, established in 2006, is an independent, private consulting firm dedicated to optimizing the nutritional health of all horses. 

Dr. Nettie Liburt has been a life-long horseperson. She spent 11 years as a 4-H member of the East End Equestrians, and consequently is a strong advocate of horsemanship, proper horse care and animal welfare. Her personal experience and professional education has only fostered her love and knowledge of horses and horse care. 

Dr. Liburt earned the Master of Science and PhD degrees in Animal Science from Rutgers University (Equine Exercise Physiology & Nutrition). Her research focused on the effects of age and exercise training on endocrine control of the cortisol response and glucose metabolism. Her research has been published in scientific journals such as The Journal of Animal Science and Comparative Exercise Physiology. 

Currently, Dr. Liburt is the Senior Equine Nutrition Manager for Mars Horsecare US / Buckeye Nutrition. Additionally, Dr. Liburt is a certified Professional Animal Scientist (PAS), Equine Specialty, registered with the American Registry of Professional Animal Scientists and a member of the Equine Science Society. 

Nutrition Based on Science


Liburt Equine Nutritional Consulting is a unique business on a mission to provide high quality, scientifically based writing and educational literature for feeding and exercising your horse.  Owned and operated by Dr. Nettie Liburt, PAS, your questions, comments and feedback are welcome and encouraged.  No matter what type of horse you have or what discipline you ride, the goal is the same - a happy, well nourished horse who is fit and able to carry you down whatever path you choose.  

Fuel Your Horse


Proper equine nutrition supports health, performance, growth and balance. 

It's easy to get overwhelmed, but we'll break it down and make it simple. 

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